Raja Ampat guide Ranny

Raja Ampat tour guide, custom tour consultant, mediator/translator

Phone: +6281354054198 (SMS text message best)

Email: journeyethnic@gmail.com

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Ranny can organise tours of any kind, including village tours focusing on traditional music, cooking or dancing as well as snorkelling, trekking and island exploration.

Ranny’s highly recommended as a competent and conscientious guide. Ranny speaks excellent English, can organise any kind of tour you want to do in Raja Ampat and prides herself on clear communication and scrupulous honesty.

Ranny has a close working relationship with a number of homestays, and can organise a stay at any homestay you might be interested in. A full service operator, Ranny will help make your stay go as smoothly as possible, from meeting you at the airport, helping you shop for supplies, organising your ferry transfers and escorting you to your homestay of choice.

22 thoughts on “Ranny

  1. Ranny knows everybody there and can arrange everything for you. If you need help with your trip, Ranny is the one to get hold of.
    She is the best.

  2. Ranny has been really helpful before and during my trip as a solo traveller. Witrhout her things would have been much more difficult for me, and I’m sad we didn’t get the chance to actually meet in person. But she was thoughtful enough to call me and ask if everything is alright during my trip and would arrange everything I asked for.

    Thanx Ranny and keep up the good job you are doing for your home and for the travellers who want to get a taste of it.

    Take care!

  3. Ranny has been extremely help and responsive.

    She help me organized my homestay and transfer. She has been very attentive. She called our driver to make sure we were picked up from the ferry from Jakarta and even help me top up my local sim card.

    Highly recommended!

  4. I had never been to Indonesia before never mind Raja Ampat !

    You know when you’re not sure if you should go somewhere so far off the beat track especially when travelling solo…. but trading mails with Ranny gave me peace of mind prior to my departure and she delivered on every aspect of my trip !

    She’s very well connected and respected and can arrange for folk to help or meet you when she’s not available . I found her fer very informative, straight and honest, she is very interested in making sure you have a good experience and an encyclopedia (much like wikipedia for you youngers) of knowledge of the region. She has the locals interest at heart and wants to ensure that the region is developed correctly with much needed money going back into the community, rather than western multinationals.

    Personally I found her a delight with excellent English and a bright future
    before her, book her while you still can :)

  5. Linda Leijon says:

    Ranny is the best!
    To visit Raja Ampat is a dream come through but I am very sure it wouldn’t have been such a nice experience without the help from Ranny – because it´s not that easy to travel in Raja Ampat if you compare to the rest of Asia. Ranny answered all my emails and hundreds of my questiones before entering Raja Amapat, she meet us at airport, she booked hotels in Sorong, she organized all the accomondations and she kept in contact throuhgout the hole trip just to see we were all right! She helped us when our luggage were missing, came out with them when they arrived at airport, she bought a birthday cake and took us to an unforgettable daytrip to Dom Island and the beautiful pagoda in Sorong and many nice restaurants! She drove us to hospitals for medicines and so much more. We even got to meet her sister and aunt – so nice people! Her english is really good and her knowledge about nature, animales, different tribes, history and culture of Papua is so high. She really cares for all the people and the whole environment. Everyone who comes to know Ranny simply love her! I really hope to see her again!!! If you want your journey to be complete – hire Ranny as your guide, you will never, ever regret it!

    Miss you Ranny!!!!

    With love from your swedish friends
    Linda, Mattias, Sixten & Svante
    Catarina, Lars, Freja & Matilda

  6. Pam & Bill Scholtz says:

    What else is there to say? Ranny is simply the best. We hired her to book our homestays (we stayed at three) and our excursions. She responded promptly, and enthusiastically, to our countless emails asking multitudes of questions. She suggested pairing certain excursions with the most conveniently located homestays. She met us at the airport in Sorong, and took us to get our Marine Park tags, then whisked us down to meet the ferry. She knows everybody and has connections left, right, and center. You will have peace of mind if you use Ranny, we promise!

  7. David Pennington says:

    Echo everyone else who has commented. Ranny is well worth the small fee. It felt like she knew everyone we came across. She was very caring, supportive and detail orientated. She went beyond all expectations and my trip would not of been the same without her. She did the little things like bringing me a data SIM card when I had ran out in Raja Ampat. Otherwise I had to go all the way back to Waisai to retrieve. She brought exotic tasty fruits from local markets that weren’t seen at the homestays. Ranny even lent me her snorkel (mine was chewed up by a puppy at one of the homestays). She always followed up with me throughout my stay (I stayed for 2 months!) to see how I was doing or if I needed help with anything. She also notified me when trips were planned that way I could tag along with other groups (I was traveling alone). I cannot express how grateful I am to have met her. My trip was utterly perfect and I owe it all to her :)

    • Hello David, as we see you travelled 2 months in Raja Ampat ,
      we would love to send some mails to you, and ask some leads about home-stays, boat prices between islands and some wonderful experiences you had.
      We are convinced , you have some special recommendations…..
      We will be traveling across R4 next July & August.
      Thanks for mentioning your mailbox by reply.
      Best regards.

      • David Pennington says:

        Hello Luc & Els!

        I’m sorry, I just read this for the first time. Feel free to contact me at travel@friendly drifter.Com :)

    • David I am trying to reach Ranny but have not heard back via Facebook. Do you have a better way to reach her? I am flying to Jakarta on not 16th and arrive at 4 am . There is a 5:35 am flight to Sorong but I’m not sure I can make that with having to go through customs , change terminal , etc… If I look for another flight I have to wait until close to midnight and therefore lose one whole day in Jakarta. Any input on your flight experiences will help.
      Also , since I’m a female traveling alone I am trying to decide which island would be best for me in Raja Ampat and which guesthouse or homestay. I won’t be diving just snorkeling…. I would prefer something more authentic and not the dive resets. Mansua, Gam and arborek all look like good choices… If you have any recommendations that would be appreciated as I leave next week and have no idea yet! I am most excited about the mantas… And I won’t be doing long hikes either due to the extreme heat. I just want good snorkeling, safe place , a village to visit and some good beach.
      Thank you!!!!

      • Hi Lori –

        In case David doesn’t see this we thought we’d respond. Have you tried contacting Ranny by the email address provided above? Don’t forget that sometimes she will be travelling in areas without internet, so you won’t always get an instant response.

        Any of the homestays will be fine for you – they are all safe for lone female travellers. Use the advanced search on the accommodation page to quickly find one with all the features you want. (Here’s a screencast that shows how to quickly do that.)

  8. Ranleigh Hirsh says:

    Ranny is a goddess. Wow, she was helpful and understanding with our all “too american” questions for months before our trip both in email and via text messages. She not only made sure our party was met at the airport, escorted to our ferry, and picked up in Wasi to go to our homestay, she made sure we were taken care of every step of the way. She would check in with the homestay’s owners to ensure everything was going well for us. She remotely served as a translator when we could not communicate. Boy, she sure did take care of us including going with us on a day long snorkeling trip. What fun we had with her.
    Ranny is really that good. I cannot put into words how Ranny made our trip the best and how much better it was that she was so very helpful.
    Thank you, Thank you Ranny. You were very reliable, very calm and very sweet. You helped us so much!

  9. We traveled to Raja Ampat in early January 2015. We were an extended family of 4, ranging in ages from 42 to 70. We stayed in 3 different homestays and had a marvelous experience thanks to Ranny.
    We met Ranny online and she was a great help with our visit. She modified our homestay choices and suggested ones better suited to the return to Waisai. Some are just too far away to do that transfer and catch the morning ferry.
    She met us in Sorong and came with us to our first homestay where she arranged a marvelous day trip around the islands of Mansuer and Kri. She snorkeled with us, explained the culture, identified fish and most importantly, made the onward arrangements for the next homestay. When we missed our flight in Makassar, she contacted the homestays involved and modified our dates with them.
    Once, when we were trying to explain to a homestay owner where we wanted to go snorkeling, we called Ranny and she translated. Her excitement about the area and knowledge of the local places were invaluable. She is the best help you could ever want for your visit to Raja Ampat. I highly recommend her services.

  10. We travelled Raja Ampat from 2014/11/21 until 2014/12/07.

    Seeking to make a trip of discovery and snorkeling to Raja Ampat, I found very little documentation in french and little in english.

    There is the French site
    Then, in English, this site:
    and also:
    – Lonely Planet and Forums
    and the inevitable and accurate:

    Deep within this site, a nugget is hidden : her name is Ranny.

    All the good you can read about her is true and a lot is missing.
    After telling her (via email and sms and facebook) that we wanted, she has made the proposals and then organized our trip.
    She gave many tips and answered precisely and kindly to our many questions.
    Her organization began since welcoming us in Sorong, 16 days in 4 different homestays and ended in Sorong for visiting and the departure.
    At our request, we spent 3 days with her in one homestay and one day in Sorong.
    During the trip, we were able to quickly join her to the adjustments made necessary by unforeseen events (included changing one homestay by a resort).
    To do the same trip without loss of time would have been impossible.
    Besides, we could see she was strongly involved in the development of local populations.

    Finaly, our trip has been a real success and we met a lovely person.

    Thank you, Ranny.

  11. Corame LightTribe says:

    Being lost on West Papua mainland discovering that an inland hike was not so easy to organize, I was stuck.

    Meeting Ranny coincidentally introduced me the Raja Ampat paradise. In a few hours hours a ‘homestay’ was arranged nearby one of the most attractive coral riffs and I found myself snorkeling in a dream world the very same day. Organizing a stay in Raja Ampat overnight is maybe as impossible as setting up an inland hike, but with Ranny everything seems within reach far under the normal rates published, imagine it was high season: Xmas & New Year 2013.

    Ranny was booked for a week by other guests to stay in my simple homestay and options became unlimited. She arranged boats and gear and every day generated new highlights in this very undeveloped amazing diving sanctuary, where normally little is possible to get together quickly. There was shortness in petrol for the boats, but our Ranny could manage – not a day was lost!

    I strongly recommend hiring Ranny for a friendly fee; the gains are really beyond expectation, especially after finding out, that most other visitors of Raja Ampat had little options to choose from. Don’t test your luck as I did, book Ranny in time!

    Corame LightTribe

  12. Ranny turned out to be a great help for our organisation prior to arrival. She tried to get in touch with homestays for us and organised someone to pick us up. Her english is very good and easy to understand and all replies came back promptly. We understand that apart from being a tourist guide Ranny helps local homestays to establish their business this way. Nice!

  13. Ranny is a very nice and conscencious person. She knows a lot about the accomodations and also about the different things to see and do around.

    I met her several times during my stay on pulau gam and for what I have seen and heared she is trully dedicated in making you stay the smoothest possible ride.

  14. Here’s an extract from Guy Townsend’s review which was emailed to us in September 2013:

    “I tried texting the contact number for the homestay but got no response so used Ranny’s email. I got a response straight away and all my questions were answered. It turns out that Ranny helped Maria with bookings etc.

    So on the day of our arrival Ranny met us at the airport, took us to a hotel where we could rest the five hrs before the ferry left. An hour before its departure she came to pick us up and we went to a supermarket to buy what ever else we wanted to take out with us.
    So once we’d bought bags of peanuts, beers and mixers for our vodka (out of the four flavours I can only recommend orange) we went to the ferry. Ranny had organised tickets. After 2 hrs we arrived then jumped into a long boat and 2 after we were setting up our hammocks and looking out over the water with the first of our warm beers.

    At this point we didn’t know Ranny was a guide or sole agent helping tourists and homestay operators around the region. For us she was great putting a small fee on top to cover her expenses and time. It was well worth it – we had more money than time, if that makes sense… We had 10 days all up and 2 of them were filled with travel whilst she stayed with us she helped bridge our two worlds language wise and was instinctive to our needs.

    …as we returned to the ferry for the trip back to Sorong, there she was with 3 motorbikes. She took us on a tour around the town of Waisai, out to lunch at the local market then onto the ferry. In Sorong… We toured a local market similar to the ones you see all over Asia – little winding paths going deeper and deeper into the who knows where… For dinner she took us to a night market that sells all sorts of seafood – it was incredible.. We would not have found any of this without her. Good onya Ranny!”