Paulus Sauyai

Raja Ampat guide Paulus Sauyai (at left) with trainee guides Maurits and Kostan

Underwater macro photography, nudibranch discovery, snorkelling, diving, bird watching, trekking, boat explorations, sea kayak tours.

Phone: +6281344885708 (SMS text message best)

Email: None

Paulus Sauyai (at left in photo above with trainee guides Maurits and Kostan) is the owner of Nudibranch Homestay and his knowledge of Pulau Gam and its many bays and islets is encyclopaedic. Paulus’ skill in spotting the nudibranchs his homestay is named for makes seeing some of the many different species inhabiting the nearby mangroves a certainty. If you’re looking for a guide for underwater macro photography you should definitely get in touch.

Paulus is a PSSI certified dive guide and can organise diving, snorkelling and sightseeing tours around Gam as well as arrange custom sea kayaking itineraries for you. If you’re interested in jungle trekking, see his Nudibranch Homestay page for details of a guided trek across the jungles and hills of northern Gam. Nudibranch also has a fast speedboat capable of tours to Raja Ampat’s more remote islands.


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  1. Rudi Walter on

    We have just returned form Raja Ampat and thanks mainly to Paulus we managed to see everything you hope for when you plan your trip.We did not dive just snorkeled and saw everything from Nudibranchs to Mantas
    The combination of Paulus knowledge of this area and his good English will make any trip he takes you on an truly memorable experience.
    If you like anything under water especially macro you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by using Paulus. If there is a Nudibranch there he will see it and point it out to you.

  2. Patrick on

    I visited Raja Ampat a few times. I met Paulus in 2011 in his village on Gam. He took us around snorkeling for a couple of days and it was amazing. We did snorkeling on the house reef but also in the mangroves and marine lakes. He was one of the best guides I ever had. Showing us all the litlle macro things you will never see on your one. At the time he was building his homestay and i am dreaming of a future stay.

  3. matteo on

    this guy is literally the best no jokes..he is the key for gam island and surroundings…. the experience with him will be the best of your life…im not exxagerating.. look at my foto on fb and you will know why… MATTEO JERK BINGIN

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