Bastian Dimara

Bastian Dimara - Raja Ampat guide for Piaynemo (Penemu)

Bastian is based in Piaynemo (Penemu) and specialises in Penemu and Fam island tours

Phone: +6281247751592 (SMS text message best)

Email: None

Bastian Dimara works with Piaynemo Homestay and has an intimate knowledge of the Penemu and Fam islands. The Piaynemo karst island seascape is almost indistinguishable from that of the more famous Wayag and for IDR 50,000 (~USD 5.00) per person, Bastian can guide you to some spectacular panoramic lookout points. The photo below is just a taste of what’s in store…

The Piaynemo Island seascape - just like Wayag!

In addition to viewpoint tours, Bastian can organise snorkeling trips on Piaynemo’s fabulous reefs, boat exploration of the maze of island waterways, visits to Fam’s Yellow Lake to see resident crocodiles and local village visits. See photos 13 to 20 in the gallery on the Piaynemo Homestay page for more…


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  1. Sonia on


    We are interested in trip to Wayag, is possible?
    How much is it?
    Could you explain the itinerari? (5days is possible?)



    1. Hi Sonia – Bastian has no internet connection and will never see your question. He also doesn’t advertise Wayag trips.

      Suggest you use the advanced search on our accommodation page to quickly find homestays that offer Wayag trips. You’ll also find more information about and contacts for Wayag trips on our What’s up at Wayag page. You need to contact the operators directly if you need more information than is provided here on the website.

      1. Sonia on


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