Sunset Homestay, Kapisawar, Pulau Gam, Raja Ampat

Sunset Homestay

Gam - Southern Gam

  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
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Relax in a private bungalow amid a profusion of native orchids and take in the spectacular ocean views from the Sunset Homestay headland.

2 x On land - Private bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
1 x On land - Private bungalow Sleeps max. 7 persons / room
Single IDR 350,000 / person / night
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NOTE: Sunset Homestay was known as Tapor Aikos Homestay until March 2017.

Sunset Homestay has three single room private bungalows and a shared dining shelter with large L shaped table bench seating and sunset views.

The large front bungalow has expansive ocean views toward Arborek and a covered verandah with a table and bench seat. The bungalow interior is unfurnished except for bedding. Bedding is a double mattress on the floor equipped with sheets, mosquito net and pillows. An enclosed verandah at the front of the bungalow provides a table and bench seat to make the most of the bungalow’s great views and has power outlets provided.

Of the two bungalows behind the front one, the larger is 6x6m and has a double mattress for couples, while the smaller bungalow room is 2x3m. Both rooms have private enclosed verandahs, with the smaller of the two having a table and bench chair included.

5 single mattresses are available for groups, and come with sheets, pillows and mosquito nets.

Two separate garden table and bench seat settings are provided and a couple of other bench seats occupy positions with nice ocean views from the shady garden. The garden and grounds of the homestay are an orchid lover’s paradise. There are hundreds of naturally occurring plants and several different species represented.

A separate concrete floored hut provides dip mandi bathroom and squat toilet enclosures. Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared by occupants of the three bungalows.

There’s a good mobile phone signal at Sunset Homestay and electricity is supplied by a generator which runs from sunset until around midnight.

Sunset Homestay is a five minute walk from the village of Kapisawar where there is a nice swimming beach and basic supplies can be purchased. Please do take any inorganic waste like plastic or dead batteries away with you when you leave though – there’s no safe method of disposal for this kind of trash in Raja Ampat, and leaving it at the homestay will only contribute to Raja Ampat’s growing pollution problem.

It’s a good idea to bring a phrasebook if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, as very little English is spoken by the homestay family. A translator is available nearby if needed.

Transport / Getting there

Waisai transfers are by speedboat which can carry up to 6 passengers. The cost is IDR 1,000,000 each way, shared by passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Sunset Homestay is set in a private location atop a limestone promontory next to Kapisawar village.

Connected to Kapisawar by a stony path (sturdy footwear recommended) and rustic stepladder, the homestay is surrounded by a profusion of naturally occurring orchids and shaded by overhanging trees. The flowering orchids (in December) and papaya trees provide a unique ambience and the homestay is a convenient departure point for visits to the attractions of Manta Sandy, Arborek and Piaynemo.

Snorkelling and diving

A path from the homestay leads down to the ocean and brings you to a jetty perfect for snorkelling from during high tide. The shallow and rich homestay house reef extends from the point to a deep water dropoff, with shallow mangrove fringed bays with seagrass and coral to either side.

Sunset Homestay has 3 sets of snorkeling equipment available for rental at the rate of IDR 50,000 per set per day, but bringing your own is recommended in case the ones on hand don’t fit. Diving can also be organised in conjunction with Arborek Dive Shop or other dive centers.

The homestay has great ocean vistas and a view of Kapisawar village and jetty in the bay to the west. Kapisawar is a largely traditional and very pretty village with many timber homes and tiny red burrowing crabs inhabiting the bare ground between the beachside houses. Concrete paths connect Kapisawar to Sawinggrai to the east and provide for easy walking and village visits.

Excursions to Sawinggrai to see Red Birds of Paradise display are easily arranged and can be accomplished on foot from the homestay.

Sunset Homestay Raja Ampat transfers and tours

Prices below are per trip/transfer and are shared by boat passengers.

Arborek 500,000
Mantas 500,000
Sauwandarek (Mansuar) 700,000
Manyaifun 1,500,000
Kri 700,000
Batanta 1.000.000
Warikaf (Kabui Passage) 1,000,000
Piaynemo 3,000,000
Gam circumnavigation 2,000,000
Pulau Yeben 800,000
Pulau Yefnadi (many mantas) 1,000,000


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Reef dropoff
  • Mangroves
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Seagrass
  • Hiking available
  • Coral
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Good house reef
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • Has own speedboat
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Has private bungalows

Sunset Homestay Location Map

Sunset Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Sunset Homestay

Sunset Homestay Contact Details

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Name David Wambrow
Phone +6285244240125

Sunset Homestay Reviews

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One thought on “Sunset Homestay

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    I stayed here for 3 nights in December 2014, and found it to be fantastic value…basic accommodation; clean and tidy; good and plentiful food; attentive family service; superb views (particularly for watching approaching storms!); a tranquil, private, picturesque and shaded setting, and; close to the tidy, attractive and friendly village of Kapiswar. I also had the place to myself, so it was very different to my stays at Kordiris and Yenkoranu…a true, family-run business, it felt a little more like a homestay, rather than a tourist-trap!

    David Wambrow and his family reside in Sawinggrai village (look for a small, blue house on your left as you walk up the short incline between the village public jetty and Nudibranch Homestay). The entire family relocated to the guesthouse to stay in one of the smaller bungalows for the duration of my stay, so there was always someone there if I wanted anything. The guesthouse is located on the SE fringe of Kapisawar,

    Being the only guest, I stayed in the largest bungalow (room 4.5m x 3.5m plus verandah 1.5m x 3.5m fitted with table and bench seat), situated on the edge of the promontory (superb ocean vista and breeze). Meals were brought to here so I could enjoy the view whilst eating. Food is the typical Raja Ampat fare, quite good and plentiful. Water, tea/coffee are available all day.

    There are 2 smaller bungalows set back 20m from the promontory edge (a little more amid the trees, still with ocean views). There is also a dining shelter with a bench and seating, and; a bench seat and 2 day-bed type seats amid the shaded garden. A separate concrete floor hut provides shared dip mandi and squat toilet enclosures…all kept very clean.

    Snorkelling info:
    • a path from the homestay leads down to the ocean and brings you to a jetty which provides an easy entry/exit point to the drop-off.
    • during my stay, the current here ran NW to SE. If snorkelling toward the SE, be aware that on a receding tide you will meet a potentially very strong current coming from the opposite direction and veering W out to open sea.
    • David’s price for a one day snorkelling tour to Manta Sandy, Arborek, Gam Bay and the wall S of the inlet to Nudibranch HS…IDR1million.